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FastTrack pre-conference seminars


New to this year's conference are pre-conference intensive seminars. FastTracks are held Monday July 13th, the day before the conference's evening opening event. They are intensive seminars focused on professional network disciplines. Individuals may attend these seminars as stand-alone events at $149 each (lunch, conference launch, evening meal and Trade Show access included) or add on to a full conference registration for just $99. 

Church Facilities Network: 
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Energy, lighting, security, setup, capital maintenance, parking, occupancy permits, fire safety and on the list goes on of the tasks and responsibilities around church facilities. This six hour intensive will focus on the facilities leader for congregations. Whether it is a full-time responsibility for you or one of the many hats you wear, this time invested will provide you with new insight and wisdom to meet the daily and long-term challenge of a facility well maintained.

Leaders include: Paul Johnson, Dean Johnson, Tim Cool, Eric Spacek, Gary Robinson.

For more information contact the national office or Paul Johnson.

Church Communication Network: 
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This day-long intensive is focused on bringing education, resources, peer learning and networking opportunities to communications professionals. 
If you're in advertising, creative design, marketing, signage, social media, web design, or any other form of communication in the church environment then this FastTrack is for you. Leaders include: Natalie Aho, Angie McGregor, Mark MacDonald, and Emily Bedwell.

Join your fellow communicators to learn the latest and best ways to communicate. For more information contact the national office or Natalie Aho.

Executive Pastor Network:
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Would you like to gather for a one-day learning experience with fellow executive pastors? The role is increasingly a mainstay in large churches, but one that comes in many varieties. Join us for a fast-paced, interactive FastTrack for Executive Pastors, just prior to National Conference.

The FastTrack will feature Mike Bonem, author of Leading from the Second Chair, and consultant and coach in this area. Mike will lead us in addressing pivotal topics such as the unique role and position of the EP, staff management, execution of vision and mission, measurement strategies, and balancing the many demands of the role. 

For more information contact the national office or Mark King, Executive Minister, Marble Collegiate Church, NY.

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