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FastTrack pre-conference seminars


FastTrack's are pre-conference intensive seminars. These seminars are held Wednesday July 6th, the day before the conference's evening opening event. They are intensive sessions focused on professional network disciplines. Individuals may attend these seminars as stand-alone events at $149 each (lunch, conference launch, evening meal and Trade Show access included) or add on to a full conference registration for just $99. To register go to the registration tab and following the description. Click here for FastTrack Brochure

Executive Pastor Network:
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Would you like to gather for a one-day learning experience with fellow executive pastors? The role is increasingly a mainstay in large churches, but one that comes in many varieties. Join us for a fast-paced, interactive FastTrack for Executive Pastors, just prior to National Conference.

This FastTrack will feature facilitator Bill Wilson, founder of The Center for Healthy Churches . The focus of the day will be on healthy relationships. Questions like how do I effectively manage  “Pre-staff” task- coming on board dynamics such as orientation, acclimation schedule and negotiation of all financial compensation up front . Conversations are how to manage staff who say one thing and act another; inter-staff conflicts in which we must arbitrate; maintaining good tracking of time management and performance; interrelations with congregational members.  What are the opportunities around “Post-staff” task like leaving well, staying away, exit interviews, the existing staff person communicating with congregants.  

The big picture focus will be on staff management. Bring your experience and questions and learn in the interactive day. 

For more information contact the national office or Mark King, Executive Minister, Marble Collegiate Church, NY.

Church Facilities Network: 
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Energy, lighting, security, setup, capital maintenance, parking, occupancy permits, fire safety and the list goes on of the tasks and responsibilities around church facilities. This six hour intensive will focus on the facilities leader for congregations. Whether it is a full-time responsibility for you or one of the many hats you wear, this time invested will provide you with new insight and wisdom to meet the daily and long-term challenge of a facility well maintained.

Leaders include: Paul Johnson, Dean Johnson, Tim Cool, Eric Spacek, Randy Crosland.

For more information contact the national office or Paul Johnson.

Church Communication Network: 
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This day-long intensive is focused on bringing education, resources, peer learning and networking opportunities to communications professionals. 

If you're in advertising, creative design, marketing, signage, social media, web design, or any other form of communication in the church environment then this FastTrack is for you.

Leaders include: Natalie Aho, Christopher Harris,
Mark MacDonald, and Catherine Teague.

Session Information:
Five communication mistakes you are probably making by Natalie Aho
Most likely, your church is doing the best it can to communicate in a noisy world. There's a chance, however, that you're making these five mistakes that are keeping you from effective communication. Learn what they are and the next steps to take for more successful internal and external communication. 

The story of a church learning media arts in ministry by Catherine Teague
Learn how to use media tools to help you make a bigger impact on your congregation no matter what the size of your church. Plus tools, tips and inspiration from an original story to get you started.

Seeking God via Google by Christopher Harris
“Let me Google that” is today’s common response to most questions from recipes to fact-checking politicians’ claims. It’s more and more becoming a place where individuals ask spiritual questions such as, “Does God love me?” This workshop will show you how your church or ministry can connect with people through Google.

Developing a church brand and positioning it well by Mark MacDonald
In our crazy marketing-cluttered world, it’s essential for a church to have a solid brand. This is much more than a church logo! But what else is required? How do you know if it’s working? From his 30 years of branding experience, Mark will examine the components of an effective church brand with a practical concentration on brand positioning. Everything rises and falls on your community. 

Leader Bios:

Natalie Aho
Natalie Aho has spent over thirteen years as a professional in communications and another four years as an educator. She is employed as a communications specialist for Baptist News Global, Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Center for Healthy Churches. She also provides consulting services to individuals, organizations and congregations and is married to a pastor. She has an MS in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University and a BS in Education from Baylor University. Natalie and her family live in a small town outside of Durham, North Carolina.

Catherine Teague

Catherine Teague serves as the media arts director at Fellowship of Believers in Pearland, TX. She recently started 6Thirty Creative Designs, specializing in graphic & logo design, web design, and social media services for ministries, artists, and churches. She lives in Houston with her husband of 15 years and their 4 year old son.

Christopher Harris
He speaks church and geek; Christopher, a youth minister for nearly ten years before seminary, coded his first website in 1997. He graduated from seminary just as social media reached a tipping point when Facebook became public. Via his Dallas-based ministry, Faith Growth, Christopher and his team help churches move to a digital-first mindset, whether implementing smart social media practices or developing a new website and growing church communities online.

Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald, an award-winning branding strategist, author, and speaker, leads churches across the country through a unique process to become known for something. Churches find relevance in their community as they effectively communicate through their digital hub (social, web, email). Let’s restore the Church’s influence in our community! Mark is known for his practical, passionate, informative, tell-it-like-it-is workshops. Mark and his family live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Join your fellow communicators to learn the latest and best ways to communicate. For more information contact the national office or Natalie Aho.

Click here for FastTrack Brochure

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