The Church  Network's conference is green. We are not having a paperless conference, but we are having a "less paper" conference.
Listed below are the handouts for the 2017 conference. Conference handouts will not be printed so you are responsible to print
your own (if you must) or download them to a laptop or reader. Additional handouts will be posted as they are made available so check back. Please plan ahead as there will not be free wifi in the convention center so download to your tablet or laptop before you go to the center. Wifi is included in your resort fee in the rooms at no additional cost.

  1. If a workshop handout is not available it is because the presenter has not yet provided the material.
  2. If a workshop is a repeat we have posted the same handout for both sessions unless the presenter send separate handouts.
  3. Workshops may be sorted by the workshop ID (shown below as Name) or by workshop title or by date modified. To sort, hover on the title bar and select the drop down arrow to the right of the column. The default sort is by workshop ID.
  4. Please notice the modified date for the "All Workshop Handouts" option (not yet available). If we receive additional handouts after we arrive at the Gaylord Texan we will post them individually and they will have a more current date than the "All Workshop Handouts" file. We will periodically update the "All Workshop Handouts" option. This is a good choice for those using an e-reader such as iPad, Nook or Kindle.
  5. The handouts are also located in the app under the specific event session.

Thank you for helping us make this a greener conference and reducing the amount of paper we consume and fuel we use to ship handouts.

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