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What is a list serve?

A list serve is a group of individuals who are connected by email around a common interest. When someone in the group sends an email, everyone in the groups gets a copy. If you are interested in the subject or have an answer to the question, you are free to respond. If it's not your thing just delete the message and move on.

Why should I join?

The list serve will provide you with quick feedback on a subject you are currently working with. Suppose your session or pastor asks you to come up with a policy on cell phone use by next Tuesday. By posting a question to list serve, you can have quick response from others who have already established such a policy.

Who is the moderator?

ChurchAdmin was the dream of TCN member Lynn (Roberts) Osborne who serves the Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa Florida.  From her idea she established the ChurchAdmin Yahoo Groups and serves as its moderator. THANK YOU Lynn!!!

How can I join?

Two easy ways: 1) SEND an email by clicking here. You will receive a subscription confirmation message. Simply reply to this message and your subscription will be complete. -OR- 2) Go to  and follow yahoos instruction for groups. Using this method will require a yahoo login. 

Common Questions

If I don't like it, can I get out? Yes, it is easy. Just send an email by clicking here or go to the Yahoo Groups web site and un-subscribe.

I'm going on vacation, how can I turn off my email notification? For short time away from the office, it is better to turn off your churchadmin email than to unsubscribe:

You can  handle your own 'turn off' and 'turn on' needs.  To turn off mail, send an email to .  Note the hyphen between churchadmin and nomail.  No subject or body needed.

To turn it on, send an email to  or , depending on which subscription you choose..  Again, note the hyphen in the middle.

If you want to unsubscribe "permanently,"
send a message to

None... Yahoo Groups  has a no spam policy and today we have no report of members receiving unsolicited email as a result of being a part of the group. Click here for more info.

Who else is a member?

To date over 3,600 individuals are participating. Once an individual  joins they can check profiles of other members.